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I am Polish and was in Ukraine for a week. It was a great stay! Even better than my holiday in Italy earlier this year. Here I'll tell you why.

Ukraine is a beautiful country and the war we hear about in the news touches only the eastern part of Lukhansk and Donetsk.

Ukraine has a lot of museums and interesting history.

People in Ukraine are very open and welcoming especially when you know some words in the local language and are interested in Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine is really cheap. Poland, well known in the west to have cheap food, is 5 times more expensive than Ukraine, so being a western tourist in this country is like living in a paradise.

Ukraine is not a very touristy place, which means that the encounters you make will be interesting and life changing instead of rubbing shoulders in overcrowded Paris and Rome metros.

Please visit Ukraine, it's a great country. People there are poor and hard working and IMO they need the attention and help from other people in their fight with corruption and imperialism.


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